Historical Maps and Photographs

As a visual learner and a social history enthusiast, I love to look at old photographs so I can transport myself back in time through them. I’ve posted a few links below of my favourite places to do this.

If you’re looking for historical maps and/or photographs, The Francis Frith Collection houses thousands that anyone with the internet can browse for free, or purchase as gifts (an historic map centered on your home, or a jigsaw made from an historical photo, for example). I have spent many an hour browsing through old photographs of the town where I grew up, fascinated by how much areas have changed and in love with the changing fashions. See the wikipedia page for more background information about the site.

Gwent Archives collects and preserves unique local historical archives, making them available to the public.

A website called VintageEveryday that is dedicated to posting vintage photographs from the 1800’s up to World War II. With the tagline ‘bring back nostalgia and memories’, the website does just that.

An article on the Evening Standard’s website showing old photographs from 1970’s London.

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