Origins and Transformations

Makeover shows like America’s Next Top Model, Project Catwalk, and Gok Wan’s many Fashion shows capture my imagination because of the transformations that take place. They exemplify how simple ingredients like clothes, hair, make-up, and very importantly knowledge and skill, can create a dramatic change from the before and after results. The same can be said to apply when using different ingredients like paint in Interior Design, soil and seeds in Gardening, a hammer and nails in DIY, food in Cookery or sugar paste and frosting in Cake Decorating. But the process doesn’t stop with forms of art and craft. It is also true for historical origins and transformations in the form of social change, and it is true for the knowledge and mindset that can bring about a transformation in science and philosophy – all of which are discussed in some level on this website. Having always wondered how my many and varied interests could be succinctly related as I always believed they must be, I believe my theory of origins and transformations to be the most cohesive. As I am motivated by making sense of the world, it is liberating to have deciphered a small corner of my mind, and to understand myself in this way a little better.

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