The Science of Personality – Personality Types

There is a vast array of personality tests available in the world today, from the quick and not so serious ones found scattered throughout the internet and in magazines, to the Myers Brigg Type Indicator and those for which you can end up paying a lot of money to have analysed. Personality tests are used by employers to help in the candidate selection process, and even by relationship counselors to understand their clients. I personally use them to help me better understand myself! Taken with a pinch of salt, I’m interested in personality tests because knowledge really is power and the more you understand yourself the more prepared you are to be yourself with confidence in the real world. Below are three books I have found particularly helpful. What I like best is when the tidbits of information from each and many other sources join together like a jigsaw puzzle to form a clearer presentation of who we are, and why we may act the way we do. The Lovebirds: How to Live with the One you Love – by Trever Silvester (Links to Amazon Book Page). Using a clever bird theme, this book is a personality analysis to help better understand yourself, your partner, and how to get along. In this book I discovered that I was an Owl (observer/ thinker) and Dove (sensitive to the emotions of others) combination. Though you’d have to read the book yourself for that to really make sense.   The Truth About You – by Arthur F. Miller & Ralph T. Mattson. An old career guidance book that enables you to discover what motivates you and what you do best, to get the best out of life. Best read with the next book as it touches on very similar information but presents it in different ways.   What Colour is your Parachute? – by Richard N. Bolles (links to Amazon Book Page). Apparently the world’s most popular job search manual, chapter 5 of this book helps you understand yourself better through detailed exercises to aid you in choosing the career that you’d most love to do. From this book I now understand my Myers Brigg code (INFJ) and my Holland code (IAR).

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