Me, Social History & Philosophies of Life

My academic background is in RS & Philosophy (First Class BA[HONS] RS & Philosophy from The University of Wales, Newport), during which I focused on studying ‘philosophies of life‘, choosing at every opportunity to study western culture and the chain of cause and effect events that led us to where we are today. For my dissertation, under the title: ‘A critical evaluation, examining the connection between the racialist Anti-Semitism of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, and the earlier Christian anti-Jewish tradition’, I chose to systematically study Judaism century by century in the hope of plotting the roots and development of anti-semitism and uncovering the seeds behind the Holocaust. It explained the causes of racial anti-Semitism from a religious perspective discussing the common themes of Christianity Jew-hatred that remains through antiquity; the Bible; The Early Church Fathers; the middle ages; Martin Luther; the Enlightenment; and Nazism. In my 5000 word study ‘An examination of Religion and Film: Science Fiction and the Bible’, I looked at cinema and film as an influential force in western culture which has the ability to reflect and even shape modern society. My study aimed to contribute to the growing interest in this relationship by considering how religion (which for the purposes of my inquiry related primarily to the Bible and Christianity), helped form and shape the content of Science Fiction movies. I naturally study social history in this way, at every opportunity because it is my natural passion. Reading, researching, observing, collecting, writing, analysing, and synthesizing historical information is something I do because I love it, it is something I have always done, and it is a big part of who I am. Link The Historian as Artist, Activist and Amateur by Vincent DiGirolamo

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