The Assassination of JFK

Until very recently I didn’t know much about the assassination of JFK, other than he was shot in Dallas in November 1963, believed to be at the hands of a lone mad man called Lee Harvey Oswald. That’s what any history I had heard about it had told me. I don’t remember studying it in school or ever discussing it elsewhere. It is just a part of history that everyone knows. I was born 19 years after it happened. What sparked my interest was a very simple ‘quiz’ page in a free magazine (basically full of adverts) that is posted through our door from time to time. Among a list of other facts about ‘What happened in July 1961?’ it said

American defector Lee Harvey Oswald travelled to the American Embassy in Moscow to ask for the return of his passport. His wish was granted and returned to the States. November 1963 he assassinated the President’.

Those short sentences intrigued me as for the first time I realised there must be more to the assassination than I had thought. I had no idea that Lee Harvey Oswald had ever defected. Why would he do that? And then why did he return?? Being the curious soul I am, I wanted to know more. The same day I visited my Mum and Dad, and strangely enough my Dad started telling me about a DVD ‘Parkland’ that my brother in law had loaned them. It was apparently a film about the assassination from the perspective of the doctors who treated Kennedy. I started asking my Dad ‘…but why would Lee Harvey Oswald kill President Kennedy?’ (Why being my favourite word), and my Dad had no answers, so I decided that night to have a quick internet search on the subject… And then it didn’t end! The more I learnt, the more intrigued I got, the more theories and angles were discovered, more discrepancies and anomalies… and I just couldn’t leave the subject alone. I tried to read as much as I possibly could. I wasn’t necessarily looking for a water tight theory, I just wanted the scenario to make sense in my head. First I watched the Zapruder film on Youtube. I watched as many versions as I found. I had no real knowledge about what happened that day, but just from the Zapruder I concluded independently that there was a shot from the back, and a shot from the front and side. I read around the subject and discovered that there is a lot of controversy about how many shots were fired and where they were fired from… so I read some more. Incidentally, the Zapruder film itself is now widely believed to be an inferior altered version from the original that Zapruder actually filmed. I would dearly love someone to upload the ‘other’ Zapruder film to the internet, but no one has. I did find somebody describe what they saw though. The Zapruder film as we have it now was first shown on television in 1975 on ‘Goodnight America’. Next I wanted to know more about Lee Harvey Oswald so I looked for his name on you tube also This is the video I saw first. Call me gullible, but I believed every word Oswald said. He said he didn’t know why he had been taken in, he was not allowed an attorney, and he certainly hadn’t been charged with the assassination of President Kennedy even though it was clear the media were under the impression he had. His face at 2.56 of confusion and disgust when he was accused by a reporter for the crime seemed very believable to me. So, from my initial and very limited research I was already convinced that even if Oswald was in some way involved, he wasn’t a lone gunman. My next question was ‘Why would Jack Ruby kill Oswald??’. I read this article, though it didn’t mean much to me at the time. I watched Parkland the DVD from my brother in law next, but I didn’t like it. I didn’t feel it told me much, and wasn’t what I was looking for. So I started watching a few documentaries. This one made a lot of sense and answered my questions of WHO might want the president dead This is a BBC documentary, but it didn’t answer hardly any of my questions. I did like the solution for the ‘magic bullet’ problem though. At this point I didn’t even know there was a ‘magic bullet’ theory! I started watching this video to learn more about Lee Harvey Oswald, but it started talking about there being TWO Oswald’s both sharing the same identity. This creeped me out so I stopped watching. I’ve listed the video here though because it is relevant to my later thoughts. This is a Lee Harvey Oswald video from the standpoint that he is guilty. The above video claims Lee Harvey Oswald was a scapegoat. The video alarmed me most at the end (33.35). The man that buried Oswald, claimed that when they opened Oswald’s coffin to determine who had indeed been buried there (some thought it might have been a Russian Spy), the ‘Guaranteed’ unbreakable casket had been broken from the bottom, and that the head they took out had never had an autopsy. But the one that he buried had! This was the thing that made me wonder if maybe there was more than one Oswald! Then I saw this alarmingly long video. I really like the first hour. I actually like his bit of psychology at the beginning to step back from all the minute details and theories about the case and actually ask the important questions of who was set to gain from the murder?? The last hour and a half aren’t so good though. He has an elaborate theory of what actually happens that day, and despite quoting many times that the simplest answer is probably the correct one, his answer, in my opinion, was more complicated than it needed to be. But there was a lot of good information in there too. I’m pleased to have watched it. I turned my attention to after the shooting. There is controversy of whether or not LHO could get to the 2nd floor of the School Book Depository Building from the 6th in 90 seconds, in time for the policeman and his manager to find him drinking a coke. And the controversy that he was calm and not flustered which many conspiracy theorists use to show he was innocent. Others say if he was innocent he should have reacted and at least asked ‘What on earth are you doing pulling a gun on me?!’. As LHO was a man who kept to himself though, he may well have been asking that in his head, even if he didn’t say it out loud. Different people react in different ways. A question that bothered me was the murder of JD Tippit – the reason Oswald was initially arrested. Did Oswald kill Tippit? And if so Why?? It did not make sense to me, to calmly assassinate the president, but then draw attention to yourself by killing a policeman in broad daylight! I saw a video that claimed Tippit had been acting strangely that whole day and I have since found this video as well This article claims that Oswald did kill Tippit and has information about Oswald’s journey from the Texas School Book Depository. Here’s another article on the same subject. And another. Whilst searching this perplexing issue, I found a link for – the theory of there being two Oswald’s that I had dismissed earlier. As the idea kept cropping up in my research, I decided to take a look. An argument on this subject became my only satisfactory answer for the Tippit shooting – that somebody was impersonating Oswald. The site argues for two people knowingly sharing an identity (as arranged by the Secret Services as an ‘Oswald project’) from a very young age. One from Russia, and one American – the original Lee Harvey Oswald. They even claim there is a faux Marguerite Oswald (Oswald’s mother) and that Robert Oswald must have been in on it too. If this is true, why would the Faux Marguerite Oswald bring it to the public’s attention that her son worked for Secret Services? Surely, if she was part of a secret project, she would not drawn the public’s attention to it?! And if Oswald was working for the CIA on a mission to kill the president why would he say to the press that he was a ‘Patsy’? Wouldn’t he have just confessed? And then he would have a quick trial and be executed and it would all be over? People don’t believe that Oswald was guilty, as much because of his denying the charges, as because of dodgy evidence. I discovered a few other things on my research travels too that I did not know.

  • President Kennedy wore a back brace due to health problems which is a cruel twist of fate because had he not been wearing it, he might have slumped down from the first shot and escaped the second fatal shot.
  • Some believe a photograph taken just after the first shot shows Oswald in the doorway of the TSBD building where he works, giving him an airtight alibi. If that were true I don’t know why Oswald would have lied and said he was on the second floor eating his lunch at the time, and I don’t know why those he worked with wouldn’t have spoken up that they had been with him. This article addresses this issue.
  • A few people claim that Oswald got in a Station Wagon after he left the TSBD, including a policeman. This man was Roger Craig, one of the many witnesses and people involved in the case who have committed suicide, or had mysterious deaths since the assassination.
  • I also discovered there’s a woman somewhere who claims to have been Oswald’s mistress! All I can find on this really though are reasons why NOT to believe here story.
  • And quite suspiciously other assassinations are known to have been planned before the assassination in Dallas, and even more suspiciously, the man who was accused of planning the assassination had a very similar background to Oswald. Here’s a short youtube video about this. There is quite simply a never ending trail of research and I am already fifty years behind everyone else! For someone with a reflective and inquisitive mind, and for someone who loves history and asking questions, the assassination of President Kennedy is a goldmine of intrigue! I don’t think people will ever agree on who is to blame or what actually happened. I have seen claims that Jackie Kennedy did it, or the driver… You can find evidence to back up anything. Eye witness stories vary greatly and many have changed over time. Amateur films taken at the time have been altered and frames have strangely gone missing. But either way, it is quite clear that there are so many anomalies and loose ends and events and ‘facts’ that just do not make sense, that to blindly accept that Lee Harvey Oswald was a lone killer is a gross injustice to the truth. In my mind the only answer that makes sense is that the very people whose job was to protect the President were actually behind his untimely end. There were lots of people in Kennedy’s own government that wanted him gone as he was changing too much. Lee Harvey Oswald may have shot the President, and many have shot Tippit, but I don’t at all believe he was the mastermind behind it. He like so many others must have been acting on orders. That is my opinion. Links 50 reasons for 50 years

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  1. Jonboy

    When I went School in Texas the Headmistress told me she went to college with LBJ’s Daughter. Moments before JFK was shot the secret service rushed into the college Dorm and escorted her out of college.

    It never sat right with her that this happened….

  2. Alexandra Post author

    I had no idea you went to school in Texas? Is that really true about LBJ’s daughter? Thank you for reading my post and commenting. I find the JFK shooting incredibly interesting. I’m certain we don’t know the truth, and probably never will.


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