Alexandra Coopey

Hello. My name is Alexandra Coopey – part-time Crafter, part-time Writer/ Researcher, and full-time Mum. I am motivated by making sense of the world, and looking to the past to make sense of the present and future is my favourite way to do this. I want to know ‘what makes us who we are?’.¬ The who?, why?, and how? we came to be. As a scrapbook collection of my lifelong interests collected in one place, this personal website contains my thoughts and musings on these topics.

Currently, I am writing for two websites (NotJustForEating.com, & AlexandraCoopey.com); have an online Etsy store (Cute&Colourful); and I am proud to be a Pretty Nostalgic Pioneer – celebrating creative and sustainable living inspired by the past.

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