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DaisyThrough my handmade crafts I hope to express two of my greatest passions – a love of all things cute and colourful, and a fascination for vintage, traditional & ‘do-it-yourself’ ways of life. It is in a sense my small attempt at bringing history to life. A return to a time when growing your own food, re-purposing old items, or making your own clothes would have been a normal part of daily life. Online Store – Cute&Colourful I have a small collection of my unique handmade crafts for sale online. If you would like to take a look or purchase any of my work, please visit my Etsy shop – Cute&Colourful. Using mostly polymer clay and felt, I focus on making items that make me smile, as well as having a practical purpose. Craft Gallery Cake Decorating – my cake decorating designs & handiwork.. Textiles – sample gallery of my craft designs with felt and fabric. Knitting – sample gallery of my knitted creations Polymer Clay – sample gallery of my polymer clay creations. External Links – List of Craft Fairs in Wales

Paper and String – My favourite craft supplies shop

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