To understand something involves the use of observation and experiment, both intellectually and practically. In other words – Science. The areas of science that I am most interested in, because they have the greatest impact on our social history and everyday lives, include: Health & Nutrition (what physically makes us who we are); Psychology & Neuroscience (particularly science of personality); and the physics of Time Travel (fact and fiction). I am interested in everything that helps me better understand myself, others and the cultural setting we live in. Books Brain Rules for Baby – When it comes to parenting, leave behind the traditional sources of advice and go straight to a Neuroscientist! Your Brain on Food – In this book, the author Gary Wenk demonstrates how everything we put into our bodies has direct consequences for how we think, feel, and act, as a result of their effects on certain neurotransmitters concerned with behavior. The Science of Personality – Personality Types – My post that touches on personality tests. Time Travel – A far from exhaustive list of books I have read/ plan to read about time travel. Blogs – Written by a Doctor of BioChemistry & Neuro-Science based in London, UK, this blog answers the science questions we’ve all probably thought of at some point, but didn’t have the scientific knowledge to sufficiently answer. PreFrontal Nudity – Part of Psychology Today, PreFrontal Nudity is written by postdoctoral researcher in neuroscience at UCLA, Alex Korb Ph.D. In the blog he discusses how ‘the tendencies of your brain can both ruin and enrich your life’. I discovered the blog through his article about Serotonin and how the best ways to boost their levels are simpler than you think. YouTube ASAPScience – Everyday science explained in quirky videos for easy and fun understanding.

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